Monday, December 20, 2010

Portland, OR. EEUU

Whats up everybody! I miss you all like crazy. I'm saying we start talking about the reunion in Hawaii... This is me in my room on my sleeping bed.
Meet my puppy Toby!
he's an angel.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is my new puppy Oakley!
We rescued him from Georgia, at a puppy adoption day!

My pack is still on the floor.. missing you all and
Merry Christmas!
Love Natals

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

meeeeehh room


i would just like to say that im glad to be home, heres a picture of my messy room. its not a great picture of my face but hey the picture below explains why i feel that way.
great to be home and sledding, but that still dosnt make 5 degrees any warmer!
miss you guys! happy holidays!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Last Blog...
We've come to the end of the road and it's been quite a journey! Hopefully you all are catching some much needed rest and relaxation. We hope the transition into USA proper is going smoothly and gently. Go easy on yourself and take the occasional nap!
It looks like this:

May you live what you've learned and learn to live! You all have impressed so many people, including Andy and I, along this journey with your strength, maturity, zest for all parts of the program, and desire for something better, deeper, and lovelier than has been imagined ever before.
Blessings! Happy Holidays!
Jessica and Andy

Missing you!!

we love carpe diem, post your room pictures!

Last Batch of photos...

So you want to scroll from the bottom up... We last left off with photos from Lake Titicaca to the end of the road.

Last Group Photo at the airport in Cusco, love you all!

Ah the glories of no-shave November!

Coming Down!

Flying high!

The Nut...

Cave adventures with Emma and Anna!

The Condor from Huanapichu

Andy Bemis!

We made it!!! Beautiful, magical Machu Piccu!

Great View looking at Machu Piccu from another mountain

Beautiful orchids lined the path.

Huge rains flooded the trail the next day...

Our very supportive staff and willing hikers...

Ah, beautiful!

Taking the horse...

High pass was no problem with our experience in Huaraz

Yoga quarterly...

Lake Titicacca in the traditional dress of the people of Llachon

Sunset on Lake Titicaca

I don't know what this sign says...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Austins take control

Namaste Bros,

We have just finished a four day yoga and meditation retreat in the Sacred Valley. We started every day bright and early with a nice relaxing meditation, followed by an hour and a half of broga (also known as "yoga" to all you normal people). After a dank breakfast of dank foods, including homemade yoghurt, quinua, and fresh fruit, we did our 45 minutes of daily seva (chores done with love <3), which was usually followed by a lesson or workshop. We learned sick things such as Reiki (energy healing), Pranayama (life breathing techniques), Vedic Astrology (it was a shock to find out we weren´t all the sign we had always though we were!), Chakras (the seven main energy points in the body), Yoga Philosophy, Mantra Meditation, and many more of life enhancing lessons. After these two hour lessons or workshops it was usually time for lunch, one of the best times of day. The food was all vegetarian and all delicious. Even us boys didn´t have a single longing for meat the whole time!!!!!! After a well-needed rest, we resumed work-shopping and yogaing, with another two hour class before dinner. We were lucky enough to be staying at the beautiful retreat with a wonderful family who was always willing to share their wisdom. Saranagati, the wife, is from New Mexico, so it was nice to have another American spirit around. Chaitanya, her husband, is a native Peruana, and the two of then combined taught us a shit load about yoga, meditation, homeopathy, and lots of other cool stuff. Despite being really sore, we all had an amazing time, learned a ton, can all do shoulder stands, warrior 1 and 2, bridge pose, and many more cool poses. We also learned that it is possible to sit in silence for a whole hour! Now we´re back in Cuzco for a few hours of sleep before we set off on our Machu Picchu trek at 4 am. We will see you all soon!

Austin squared