Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Its Stacy here again to give a real quick summary of the Galapagos before we all come back to the states and tell you all about it ourselves!

This week in galapagos has been pretty much the best time of my life. The moment we climbed off the airplane and dumped our stuff off on the boat we spent our nights on we were ushered off to see the giant turtles! Photos galore. Our nights have been spent sleeping below deck while the boat travels to a different island, and when we emerge in the morning we find a totally different scenery with all new animals and beaches and plants and everything. We got to spend a good long time laying out on the beach in the sun with the surprisingly rude-sounding sea lions, as well as get up close and personal with the infamous blue-footed boobies. We visited a giant turtle nursery, which has saved the population of this famous animal from the brink of extinction to a flourishing farm of cute baby turtles. Sea sickness was not a huge problem as a whole, and the food we have been served has been fabulous. We have been working on preparing ourselves for "re-entry" into the states and the group had a warm and fuzzy journal swap last night with everyone writing to one another how much of an impact weve had on our lives and everything weve been through together.

We are all very excited to come home and be with you all! This has been an adventure of a lifetime and has been successful in every way. We will see you all on Thursday!!!!